Taking Action When They Don’t: Claims Against Non-Subscribers

What to Do When You’re Injured and Your Employer is a Non-Subscriber

Brian Crockett Houston Workers Compensation and Personal Injury LawyerFirst, verify that your employer does not have workers’ compensation coverage by speaking with the plan administrator. Regardless of the facts of your case, you need to communicate the facts of the injury with your supervisor or your employer so they are aware of the situation. If your employer has failed to maintain a safe work environment, contact the Texas Non-Subscriber Experts at Crockett Law, P.C. today. Your focus should be recovery, let us handle fighting to get you the compensation you deserve.

If your employer does indeed not have workers’ compensation coverage and can be classified as a non-subscriber, you may be eligible to file a claim of your own regarding damages that you have incurred as a result of a work injury. You must be able to demonstrate, whether in court or settlement hearings, that your employer’s negligence was one of the causes of the accident. Remember that if an employer is found even 1 percent liable for your injury, he or she can be exposed to your damage claim. Second, you can make a claim for a variety of damages based on the circumstances of your injury. The damages you may pursue will depend on the facts of your case, but you may be entitled to:

  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Costs associated with disfigurement
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Past and future wages.

iStock_000046490310_SmallA non-subscriber claim is much like a personal injury claim that you might pursue if you were injured in another kind of incident, like a car accident. Much like medical negligence, product liability, or other kinds of personal injury cases, the law governs when you must file your lawsuit in order for it to be considered valid. This is known as a statute of limitations. You need to file your lawsuit for claims within two years of the injury. If you fail to adhere to this deadline, your case can be dismissed, barring you from filing a case against this employer for this particular injury in the future as well. This is why it’s so important to act swiftly if you have been injured no matter what kind of policy your employer has in place.

Getting medical attention right away and determining the impact of your injuries can also help promote healing and recovery for you. Contact the Texas Workers’ Compensation Experts at Crockett Law, P.C. today!

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